why do volleyball players tape their fingers

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers? [SOLVED]

If you have been to volleyball matches, you must have seen the players with taped fingers, and you thought to yourself, why do volleyball players tape their fingers.

Well, it turns that there are multiple reasons behind the practice.

In this article, we are sharing everything regarding the finger-tapping in volleyball games.

So, have a look and get informed about the things you never knew about!

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Tape?

Well, you might think that wearing tape is uncomfortable for the players, but the truth is, it actually enhances the performance of the players instead of hindering it.


Volleyball players need strength during playing, and these taped fingers offer the strength they require.

Volleyball comprises of hard-hitting of the ball, which puts players at the risk of injuries.

The most common technique adopted is known as buddy taping, where two fingers are tape dup together.

This practice combines the strength of two fingers and also recovering from the injury because it reduces the further chances of injuries. However, one cannot tape the fingers with any tape as it’s better to opt for athletic tape or gauze.

In the following section, there are steps to ensure fast and sturdy finger taping, so have a look!

  • Put your hand on the flat and even surface
  • Fold up the piece of gauze and put it between two fingers that need to be taped up. This practice will reduce friction
  • Put the fingers together tightly
  • Roll the tape on to the fingers but don’t be too hard as it can impact the blood circulation
  • Now, add the taping to 1st and 2nd joint of the finger
  • Flex up your fingers by contracting to ensure movability

It is better to ask your coach or fellow players to help with taping, and don’t forget to add an additional layer of tape to the top to enhance protection.

Nail Protection

When it comes to volleyball, it tends to pose injuries to fingernails the most as they can break off.

By taping the fingers and base of the fingers, you will be able to protect your nails.

Protecting the nails is essential because bleeding due to fingernail breakage will result in stress.

To tape for nail protection, do the following steps;

  • Take three inches long piece of tape
  • Put one end at the fingertip on the fingerprint are
  • Pull the piece of tape to the above and push it up a bit
  • Take another three inches long piece of tape to ensure firm taping of fingernails

Reduce Bending

Keeping the fingers straight is essential, especially if you have bent it back, and while playing volleyball, it can be pretty tedious.

Taping the fingers will ensure the protection of the sensitive finger while reducing the chances of pain.

To reduce bending, fingers are taped in the criss-cross alignment.

To tape the fingers to keep them straight, work on following steps;

  • Start from the outer side of the fingers and wrap it up with tape
  • Start from the first joint and cross it over to the knuckle diagonally
  • Pull the tape to other finger and stick it to the knuckle of another finger diagonally
  • Pull to the front with tapes and done!

Protection of Sprained Finger

Volleyball demands excessive hand exercise, and while playing, fingers are at a higher risk of sprains and injuries, and they will need time to recover.

This is because the finger won’t be able to move, and taping it will ensure you get to practice while healing the fingers.

To tape the injured or sprained finger, consider the following taping method;

  • Put your hand on the even and flat surface
  • Wrap gauze around the sprained finger
  • Now, wrap compression tape or athletic tape around the finger
  • Make three to four layers of tape
  • Add the strips of tape between the finger joints to ensure strength

What Is Volleyball Finger Taping And What Is The Purpose?

Volleyball finger taping is all about taping up the fingers with athletic or stretchy compression tape with the inculcation of gauze between fingers to offer extra safety.

The prime purpose of using finger taping is to protect the fingers from injuries and offer healing for sprained or injured fingers.

How Do You Tape Your Fingers?

There are multiple methods of taping the fingers according to the reason for taping.

There is a criss-cross technique, taping the fingernails, taping the fingers for offering strength and taping to reduce bending.

In the above section, we have added all the methods to ensure effective taping.

How To Speed Up Healing Of Jammed/Sprained Fingers From Volleyball?

If you are a volleyball player or understand the intricacies of the game, you would know how players can get sprains and injures out of nowhere.

So, to speed up the healing process for your sprained fingers, keep in mind the following considerations!

  • If you aren’t able to move your fingers and going through intense pain, please visit a doctor because if not taken care of, deforming can occur. So, medical assistance is essential
  • For the jammed fingers, use cold packs or ice bags because putting ice directly on the fingers will be harmful. So, apply the cold pack to fingers for 20 minutes, three times a day
  • You can take the pain killers such as aspirin and ibuprofen to reduce inflammation but do consult your doctor before taking these medicines
  • During the healing process, it is better to use athletic tape
  • Add an extra layer of tape to the joints to offer optimal and enhanced protection
  • Tape your injured finger to the healthy finger
  • Use rubber balls for jammed fingers and make sure to squeeze tighter. Do this practice three times a day with ten squeezes per practice
  • Straighten fingers and move every joint to ensure the reduction of jamming in fingers
  • Make sure your fingers get the much-needed exercise and hold every position for at least five seconds

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have shed light on finger taping for volleyball players and how it makes great importance in their playing capabilities.

Besides, taping the fingers is essential for enhanced strength and protection of fingers!

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