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Volleyball Setting Trainers: Upgrade Your Setting Game (+ Setting Drills)

While drills during practice are an essential tool for developing volleyball skills (more on that in a minute), a Setting Trainer is a must for properly practicing the techniques of setting from home.

Players and coaches should consider a volleyball setting trainer for refining and improving their setting.

The truth is: The best setters help their spikers win points for the team.

The setter is an invaluable part of winning points. Effective training and training equipment is key to developing a great spike. Become the premier setter on your team with any of these amazing training tools…

1. Tandem Sports Set Right

The Tandem trainer can help you learn to set like a pro.

The elastic band is attached to the setter’s wrists and ankles. This helps minimize excess movement and focus the player’s muscles on correct setting techniques.

The ankle and wrist cuffs are a comfortable connection to the trainer and can be adjusted to adapt to any player’s height.

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  • Eliminate excessive hand contact
  • Helps improve setting technique
  • Affordable
  • Set includes; 2 bands for each hand
  • Suitable for all ages, coaches and parents
  • Best suited for beginner players

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2. Volleyball Star: Volleyball Training Equipment Aid

This volleyball training equipment set from Volleyball Star is portable for solo play, practice, and training anywhere, anytime.

The stretchable belt fits around the player’s waist and can be adjusted for different waist sizes. The pouch with adjustable length holds a standard volleyball.

The trainer keeps the ball attached to the player so there is no wasted time chasing down the ball for the next set.

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  • Great for solo practice
  • Also helps develop; serving and spiking
  • Fully adjustable set for all types of players
  • Adjustable cord for different lengths
  • #1 Bestseller
  • Best suited for more advanced players. For younger players expect a longer learning curve

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2. HOWAI: Volleyball Setting Training Gloves

Having a quality setting trainer is great, and these training gloves can adjust to fit any size hands.

When you train for hours on end, you run the risk of injury or chaffing of your hands.

The soft inner cotton is a breathable cloth that allows for professional palm protection. Perfect your setting technique using solo trainers and minimize ball contact. 

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  • Highly durable
  • Easily transported and fits nicely into bag pockets
  • Adjustable velcro suitable for most hand sizes
  • Not suitable for really small hands

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Volleyball Setting Drills

The setter is a key position in preparing the attackers for a spike and kill to win points. Though it looks easy to perform, becoming a great setter takes lots of practice. The setter must have precise movements, strong hands and wrists, and the ability to direct the ball for setting up a spike

Body balance and proper body positioning are the keys to being a great setter. Here are four terrific drills that coaches can use to help their setters perfect their skills and maintain a consistent performance.

Learn to Line Up

Drill: Two players practice setting the ball back and forth. During the rally, each player needs to be in the correct body position with their forehead and hips in a vertical line.

After each set, the other player should take either three steps forward or three steps back to receive and set the ball back to the other player.

During the drill, players need to be aware of their body position and keeping that vertical line intact.

Long Distance Sets

Drill: While standing 15-20 feet apart, two players should practice long-distance sets back and forth. This drill helps develop hand and wrist strength.

The drill also helps players learn about accuracy and placement of the volleyball during the set. Once the players have mastered the long set, it is easier for them to perfect the short set.

Sit Set

Drill: Have two players sit on the floor cross-legged about 8-10 feet apart. To help develop arm and wrist strength, the players set the ball back and forth without getting up.

This drill helps newer players build their coordination and hand strength while perfecting their technique. It is hard to set when you are sitting down, so this is a great drill for developing new players. It is also a great core strength exercise!

Perfecting Technique

Drill: With the players standing approximately 10 feet apart, they practice setting the ball back and forth.

With each set, the player should place the ball to the right or left of the opposite player to force foot movement and help the other player practice shuffling their feet to reach the set.

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