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Best Volleyball Portable Nets & Systems In 2021

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This guide will first help you understand the key differences between volleyball net and volleyball net systems as well as help you find the best volleyball nets that will fit your needs and meet your preferences.

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Best Indoor Volleyball Nets In 2020

Champion Sports Official Olympic Volleyball Net

The 32feet X 37.5 inches nylon volleyball net is firm, elastic and resistant to elements. It can endure the high impact of the volleyball shots while playing.

The knotless design ensures higher tensile strength, lightweight, slimness, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to wear and tear.

All the meshes will have the same dimension which will not change during play because the probability of loose knots is zero. The edge (head) band is strong and firm.

Once you install the net and set the tension straps in place, the band will keep the net shape intact. It is also protective of the net edges at the top and bottom.

Stainless steel cables running across the length of the net at the top and bottom enhance the resistance to impact from volleyball and players’ hands while playing.

It helps the net to regain its original shape if a player accidentally hits the net with his forearm or hand.

The dowels within the twin pockets provide vertical stability to the net while playing. They are strong enough to withstand the outward pull from the tension straps.

 Knotless nylon net for extra toughness
 Stainless steel cable for horizontal stability
 Strong dowels for vertical stability

 Can’t use thicker tension straps.

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Park & Sun Sports Regulation Size Indoor/Outdoor Professional Volleyball Net

Stiffness and strength are the two key parameters that make the Park & Sun volleyball net.

Resilience factor of the net makes it resistant to high speed impact of volleyball during play.

Even construction of the meshes along the length and height makes it highly professional in design.

High material strength gives resistance to wear and tear.

You can use the net for practice and competition. Stainless steel cables at the top and bottom edge bands make them resistant to stress and fatigue.

They provide structural stability for the net. The net can endure accidental impact on the net while playing spike shots. When a served ball hits the net, its impact force will be very high.

Park & Sun volleyball net can endure such impacts due to the additional thickness of edge tape and the steel cable.

Low bounce construction prevents the ball from flying out of the opponent team’s court limits.The thick and strong wooden dowels protect the net from excess of horizontal stretching when tied to the tension straps.

Bright Blue top and side edge tapes are clearly visible even in bright floodlit indoor stadium. Hence, the probability of net hits during serves and play is very remote.

 BC-400 grade steel cables for strength and stability
 Designed for fixed pole court
 Bright visibility of top and side edge tapes

 Net is not knot-free

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Verus Sports Expert Volleyball Net with Steel Cable

As the number of ply of the net fiber increases, it results in higher denier which means enhanced strength and stability. 21 ply X 4” fiber of Verus volleyball net makes it 84-denier. It gives high rigidity and firmness to the net.

The steel cables on the top and bottom edge tapes have high gauge value. It results in increased resistance to ball impact.

At the same time they are moderately flexible. You can easily set up the net on the poles without any wear and tear.

Inbuilt dowels on the side edge pockets make the Verus volleyball net structurally stable along the length.

In spite of having only two tension ropes on each side, the net doesn’t buckle or warp after years of continuous usage.

Knots on the Verus volleyball net mesh are strong due to machine punching. They keep the net in stable condition and resistant to frequent ball and arm impact.

 Extra strong construction due to combination of nylon, plastic, and Polyurethane.
 Steel cable and top binding provide added protection
 Designed for competitions and tournaments

 Knots may tangle when folded improperly

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EastPoint Sports Premium Replacement Volleyball Net

Tarpaulin is one of the strongest reinforced materials which can endure high pressure, tension, impact, and stress. High density net material can withstand impact and stretching.

The combination of edge tarpaulin tapes and net increases the strength and durability of EastPoint volleyball net. You can easily install the net on every type of indoor volleyball poles.

The two tension rope connecting points on each side edge pocket make it easy to stretch the net to your convenience. Elasticity of the mesh and the edges protects the net from wear and tear.

Inbuilt dowel in the side edge tapes can make the net lightweight, firm, and structurally stable. It is also easy to fold the net and store it in a compact unit while you are not using it.

The steel cables in the top and bottom edge tapes are slim, fold-able, strong, firm, and resistant to impact and internal damages. It is also moderately resilient to keep the structure of the net intact.

Since the horizontal side edges are relatively stretchable, you can use limited length of tension rope to tie the net with the poles securely.

 Inbuilt dowel for stability, strength and flexibility
 Strong cables for impact resistance
 Highly durable construction

 White color may not be clearly visible while plying under floodlights

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Mikasa VBN-2 Competition Volleyball Net

Polyester has high resistance to abrasion, heat and humidity. It can endure load and shock impact from heavy objects. It is lightweight and durable. Aircraft quality steel is highly malleable and ductile. When rolled into a cable, it has high resistance to impact and stress.

The combination of polyester and aircraft quality steel cable makes the Mikasa Volleyball net truly Olympic grade in design and construction.

You can use it for decades and it will still retain the newness of first day usage. Single sided edge tape on the top is firm and moderately elastic in construction.

It can stretch to the limits to fit into any width between the two poles. Impact on the top edge tape can be in the form of serve impact, players’ forearm impact, or the combination of two.

The steel cable flexes to certain extent. Then it rebounds in the reverse direction to remove the impact force and ensure net protection.

The three edge cables on the sides and bottom are firm enough to keep the original dimension of the net intact. At the same time they are flexible enough to adjust to the distance between two poles.

 Combination of polyester and aircraft grade steel for strength and stability
 Simple design and construction for easy folding and portability
 Designed for professional competitions

 No visible Cons

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Gold Medal Pro Power 2 Volleyball Net Set

The external appearance of the Gold Medal Pro Power 2 looks as though it is designed for something heavier than volleyball. Polyurethane is the highest grade synthetic foam with great load-bearing capacity.

When woven to form the thick bunch of fibers, it can last for decades. Reinforcement of double density steel cables around the interiors of edge tapes makes the net super strong and form.

It can endure the high-speed impact of volleyball, forearm impact, and also occasional ramming of players onto the net while playing spike shots. Synthetic side cover reinforced with wooden dowels makes the net firm in its dimension while playing.

It can also resist the huge volume of stress and wear and tear factors while playing high-intensity professional tournaments.

Thick mesh at the center can endure the frequent impact of the ball. You can use it for training, practicing, and competitions. It is also made to endure the high level of humidity and heat from the indoor lighting systems.

 High density and denier net for strong construction
 Combination of polyurethane, steel, and synthetic leather for durability and impact resistance
 Firm design with flexible material

 Too Heavy for portable net system

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Best Volleyball Net Systems (with Poles) Reviews

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System

The Park & Sun Volleyball Net System comes with two strong push-button locking telescopic poles. Assembly and disassembly procedures are fast and simple. The poles have sufficient tensile strength and stability to support the high-quality nylon net. Once you install the poles and connect them to the net, the entire system remains stable and unshakable.

It is entirely due to the pull-down handles with the most efficient locking system. It can fit into any type of floor from synthetic to wood, concrete, and artificial turf.

The two side pockets are wide enough to accommodate the two poles within them. Hence, there is no need for external tension ropes.

The anchoring ropes connecting to the top of poles can hold the poles firmly in vertical position. You can extend this rope to mark the boundary of the volleyball court.

These high-end features make the Park & Sun Volleyball Net System portable to any location of your preference. You can set up the whole system within a few minutes and start playing with your family members.

 Reinforced poles, accessories and net for the firm and fast installation
 Strong guyline for the unshakable net system during the power play

 Attractive colors for net and anchor ropes

 Boundary line rope is too thin

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Goplus Portable Beach Volleyball Net

The entire structure of the Goplus Portable system can be assembled within a few minutes to perfection. The first thing you have to do is to assemble the stand. The twin side poles are strong and slim to support the oxford fabric net.

Connectivity between the two poles is with another long and strong metallic pipe. The connecting joints with the two poles are strong and stable.

Once you assemble the frame, it is easy to install the net over the poles. Now, you are ready to play. The assembly is literally unmovable and stable on any kind of surface you choose. The most an interesting aspect of the Goplus Portable system is the perfect weight balance it has between the two poles.

The high density and denier of the fabric are sufficient to endure the impact of the ball on the net during play.

It is easily washable and resistant to wear and tear. The double seam on the fabric makes it strong and firm. Hence the durability of the system is very high.

 Simple design with height adjusting construction
 Easily portable and easy to install on any ground
 Highly durable construction with lightweight materials

 Net color is a bit dull

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Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

The structurally efficient and professionally designed Park & Sun Flex system has a high degree of stability. The side straps are so intricately connected to the net that you feel they are part of the net. Even functionally they are strong and free from abrasion and stress.

The pole has a push-button locking mechanism. It is very easy to assemble the system and adjust the heights according to your specific needs.

The standard construction mechanism, flexibility, and material strength make the Park & Sun Flex highly resistant to stress and impact. The poles have a high tensile strength and firm construction. They can support the entire system to perfection on any type of ground.

The system is highly suitable for family games, intermediate level training and power packed tournaments.

The accessories and tools that come with the net let you mark the court boundaries and fix the system firmly in space. The design and construction of the net make it highly durable.

In spite of being so strong and stable, the system can be easily assembled and disassembled. The foldable system can be packed into a kit bag and transported.

 Perfectly balanced torque and weight along the length and height of the system
 Designed for casual, training and tournament games
 Strong, lightweight and durable

 No visible cons

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Haotian Height Adjustable Volleyball Net with Stand/Frame

The Haotian Height Adjustable system comes with twin poles connected to each other with a strong steel pipe. The extendible side stands provide balance. Supporting anchors from the top edge of the net can be strongly connected to the firm anchoring heads at the four corners of the system.

The poles have inbuilt height adjustable mechanism that works without the need for external tools. The joints are equipped with controls which need to be turned for a specific number of rotations in the anticlockwise direction.

The locking system lets you adjust the height from your entertainment gaming to the professional level setup of 8 feet for men and 7+ feet for women’s volleyball. Installation and dismantling procedures are fast and simple.

The Haotian Height Adjustable system has a high tech net made from firm and strong material. It can endure the high force impact of the ball and the forearm of the players while playing.

The most surprising factor about the system is its poles. In spite of not being fixed onto the ground and supported only by 4 ropes, the poles have the weight balancing design and construction to support action volleyball games with their stability and strength.

 Geometrically constructed frame for stability and strength
 Designed to endure high stress and ball impact
 Easy to transport and assemble

 No visible cons

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Buying Guide For The Best Volleyball Nets

What’s The Difference between Net and Net System?

Indoor Volleyball Net is a strip of netting that is used to separate the volleyball court into two equal halves. It is tied to the pole on either side of the center court.

The standard materials are nylon, Kevlar thread, steel cable, tension straps, and vinyl coating.

Wooden ash dowel is the material used on each side of the net to increase the stability.

Indoor volleyball net system consists of the net, tension straps, tubing, pivot points, welded base, casters, skid bars, poles, foam padding, net strap, pull down handle, and corner anchors. The entire system comes with forged steel ground stakes as one package within an equipment bag.

Things To Consider Before Buying Volleyball Net Sets

The standard outdoor volleyball net will have a height of 39 inches and a length of 32 feet.

The standard indoor volleyball net is 31.1 feet length and 39” height.

The key features you have to consider while buying a net are

  • Material: Choose from nylon, polyethylene, or other strong synthetic material. Some of the professional nets will have added Kevlar threads for added stability and durability. It has to be highly resistant to water, heat, tear, and other external impacts within the indoor environment.
  • Edge: The standard 2” edge is canvas or synthetic fabric that is resistant to heat, water, abrasion, and impact. It protects the inner net layer from abrasion.
  • Wire: The inbuilt steel wire rope at the top and bottom edges are used for providing stability to the net. They should be firm, flexible, resilient, and strong.
  • Dowel: Replaceable wooden ash dowel sticks used on either side of the net should be strong, rigid, and free from warping and breaking. Approximate length of the stick should be 37”-44”.

Things To Consider When Buying A Volleyball Net System

The net system will have other parts and accessories apart from those listed above:

  • Straps: The standard materials for the tension straps should be nylon, Velcro, or other synthetic fiber. It should be strong, elastic, firm, and damage resistant.
  • Poles: Two Standard aluminum poles of 2” (indoor) and 3.5” (outdoor) should be to a height of 10.5 feet to 12 feet. It should have multiple net settings for men’s, women’s and kids’ volleyball gaming. The material could be anodized aluminum or galvanized steel. It comes with screws and nuts for adjustments. Internal drive caps and lockable winches are needed to secure the pole for non-portable systems.The portable poles will have removable aluminum caps and ground sleeves for installation and dismantling.
  • Telescopic System: Telescopic system for adjusting the height of the net from ground level can be sued for men’s women’s and kids’ volleyball matches. It should have an internal locking system for making adjustments.
  • Guy-lines: Guylines with tension rings and corner anchors should have a minimum of 0.18” and a maximum of 0.31” thickness.
  • Stakes: The forged steel ground stakes are required to define the boundary (length X width) of the volleyball court. It is highly useful when you use the portable volleyball net system.

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