how to wash volleyball knee pads

How to Wash Volleyball Knee Pads: Detailed Instructions

When you are a sporty soul, you cannot ever forget about volleyball and with volleyball, comes the great responsibility of keeping the knee pads clean.

When in the volleyball court, people dread the bottom of their gym bag, because of the dirty knee pad!

Everyone tends to sweat while playing vigorously, or any game that involves running is a synonym to sweating.

Well, that sweat can inculcate in your knee and make it difficult for the players to stay on the court (yes, the odor!), and we don’t think that’s the right way to keep people away from you.

There are multiple methods involved in cleaning the knee pads, and plethoras of situations are essential.

By the end of the article, you will become aware of all the essentials of cleaning the volleyball knee pads!

Can You Wash Volleyball Knee Pads?

The answer is yes, and you must wash the volleyball knew pads, but this isn’t about shoving the knee pads in the washing machine.

For cleaning the knee pads in a washing machine, keep in mind the following things;

  • Keep the water temperature moderate or low
  • Keep the spinning speed low
  • Add anti-bacterial soap or detergent for ensuring deep cleaning

The temperature plays an essential role in keeping the material of pads safe as most of them are made from fibers and can be harmed from high temperatures.

The high temperature will shrink the knee pads, and they will become smaller as you need.

Furthermore, the low spinning speed will keep the shape of knee pads intact.

Besides, you need to use anti-bacterial soap or detergent to remove bacteria and sweat odor from the knee pads.

So, it’s better to wash the knee pads at least once every two weeks.

Can You Put Volleyball Knee Pads In The Dryer?

If you ponder about putting the volleyball knee pads in the dryer, our straight answer would be no because it can impact the shape.

In other words, one needs to opt for dryer only when it’s immediate.

Furthermore, if you wash the knee pads in high temperature and put them in the dryer, you are going to end up with unreliable knee pads.

However, if you are using a dryer, you need to use the low heat setting and don’t add the knee pads separately.

Always add some other clothes with the knee pads to keep them safe from the intense shaking and spinning of the dryer.

How To Remove Odors Without Washing The Knee Pads

Whenever you have bad-smelling knee pads, the first instinct is to spray some deodorant, but it turns; it can create an odd smell, which will make the situation worse.

In contrast, even if the deodorants work, the results will be temporary. Also, the residue smell will be even odder.

To clear out the odor from knee pads, many people use the normal laundry detergent, but it is not enough to remove the odor.

Besides, it will add the smell of detergent, which is equally odd.

If you are into DIY methods, soaking the knee pads in white vinegar and water mixture for 60 seconds.

Using white vinegar not only helps with bacterial and odor removal but works great for cleaning as well.

How To Clean Volleyball Knee Pads – Top Methods

In this section, we have multiple methods of cleaning volleyball knee pads to ensure you have something according to your needs. So, have a look!

Machine Washing

As the name suggests, you are going to clean the knee pads in a washing machine, but in the following section, we have added the things that you must consider;

  • Take a mesh laundry bag and put the knee pads in it to place inside the washing machine
  • Top the machine with socks or other clothes
  • Use mild detergent along with white vinegar that cleanses the knee pads and removes odor
  • Don’t use high-temperature setting because it can ruin the fibers. Also, set the low spinning speed
  • Make sure to hang-dry the knee pads after taking them out of the washing machine because dryers aren’t to be used unless the situation is urgent

Sink Washing

If you are a street player or know some, you would be familiar with this method. So, have a look!

  • While you are getting in for a shower, put the knee pads on the floor
  • Stomp on the knee pads while showing and the dirt will start coming out
  • Keep stomping unless clean water starts coming out
  • Then, put some detergent on top and stomp some more
  • Clean out the detergent and hang-dry them

Getting Rid Of Odor

You don’t want the players staying away from you because the knee pads are smelly.

So, bid farewell to the bad odor by implicating the following methods!

  • Put the smelly knee pads in the fresh air as it will create air circulation, and the smell will vent out.
  • It will also kill the bacteria and at the top, use a neutralizing spray that sanitizes the knee pads
  • Putting the kneepads in a zip-lock bag with a piece of charcoal as it will absorb the bad odor and leave the kneepads smell-free

Additional Tips

  • Have extra pairs of kneepads and use them on an alternate match basis as the less frequent use will lead to a longer period for smell building
  • Don’t put the kneepads in closed spaces such as the trunk of the car as it will accumulate bacteria and lead to smell
  • After using the kneepads, make sure to pat them

Maintaining The Kneepads

  • Wash the kneepads once every two weeks as it will reduce the smell and keep the shape intact
  • Always turn the kneepads inside out and leave them in fresh air after every match
  • Use the anti-bacterial spray to say no to bacteria and pests
  • Use warm spaces or dry rooms to hang the kneepads
  • Don’t use radiators to dry the kneepads because it can warp the design

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