Libero Volleyball Drills and Tips: Training Guide For Beginners

A Libero is a defensive volleyball player who takes the position of a middle blocker. As a Libero, you need to receive serves, dig out spikes, handle the ball, and pass on to the other players during the play.  The main goal is to prevent the ball from hitting the ground when it is on your side of the net.

In this article, we will take a look at the most effective libero volleyball drills that can be used by beginners in their training sessions. These drills, along with some practical tips, will surely help you improve your level by a great deal.

Volleyball Libero Tip 1 – Develop Footwork and Body Movement

Goal: As a Libero, you need to cover the entire back row on-court with your quick movement. You have to bend, stretch, kneel and fall to reach the ball before it touches the ground.  So, you must develop your footwork, reflex action, and lightning speed movement.

Hustle Drill:  Rolled Ball Hustle Drill is a great way of mastering these techniques. You have to stand at ease on the court-center with hands on your knees. A player standing on the baseline rolls multiple balls in random order and direction on the court. You have to run around and touch every ball without missing it. style=”dotted”]

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Volleyball Libero Tip 2 – Improve Your Agility

Goal: Agility is the quick coordination between mind and body to perform a useful action. It is also the flexibility, speed, and quickness of entire body action. It includes jumping, squatting, hopping, bending, etc. As a Libero, you must practice it to focus on ball server, anticipate flight direction and landing position, foresee team members’ changing positions, and prepare to dig, pass, and rally.


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Plyometrics Drill

Wear the volleyball player uniform and resistance bands before starting.

There are six quick workouts in this drill. First one is the squat jump. Then you move onto single-leg bound.

The next workout is Split-Jump-Lunge. The next workout is Standing-Split-Jump. Then you do Tuck-Jump and Hop-Over.

You have to complete the entire set of exercises within three minutes to achieve your goal.

Volleyball Libero Tip 3 – Connect with the Setter and hitter

Goal: An overhand volleyball serve or a sharp spike can be difficult to handle. As a Libero, you have to dig the ball and pass it to the setter within the fraction of a second. For this, you should track the movement of setter and hitter direct the ball to those players, wherever they are at the front or back row.

Dig-Set Drill:  It needs the minimum of two players who form a duo. One plays the setter while you are the Libero. You get a sharp serve or a spike from another side of the court. The setter will move randomly between back and front row. Your task is to dig the ball at variable angles. The goal is to pass the ball over to the setter.

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Dig And Set Volleyball Libero Drill

Volleyball Libero Tip 4 – Make Your Body Flexible

Goal: As a Libero, you may bend, stretch, and fall over the ground while digging a ball. Then you need to know how to get back on your feet quickly and avoid injury.

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Rock-and-Roll Drill

First step is learning how to roll over, get up and resume your Libero position. Lie down flat on the ground with left leg stretched and right knee folded over your chest.

Roll over to your left and get up with the help of your right foot and arms.

An extension of the exercise can start from the stand at ease in Libero defensive position, move forward, fall down, roll over and get up.

Volleyball Libero Tip 5 – Improve Focus and Eye Movement

Goal: As a Libero, you must be able to dig, lift and pass the ball when you receive a serve or a sharp spike from the opponent’s end. Your focus must be dynamic and shift to the direction and angle within fraction a second. Also, the coordination between your eyes, feet, and arms should be perfect and fast. You will learn to change your position rapidly and dig.

Position-Training Drills:  You stand at ease facing the wall in your volleyball player attire. Your trainer stands behind you with a set of volleyballs. He throws the ball onto the wall at random points. The ball rebounds and falls towards the ground. Your task is to dig the ball before it hits the ground. You have to follow the rebound ball. You may have to bend, stretch, kneel, and fall while digging. You have to dig with both your hands.

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Volleyball Libero Tip 6 – Develop Multi-Tasking Skills

Goal: As a Libero, you will need multi-tasking skills since switching between two actions could be rapid during the play. You will also learn how to improve your reflex actions.

Pass-and-Roll Drill:  Two players stand opposite to each other with two volleyballs. Use one ball for the underarm pass with both hands. You have to roll the other volleyball between the two of you on the ground. The two actions will have to be cyclic and dynamic.

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Volleyball Libero Tip 7 – Develop Coordination Skills

Goal: The goal is to enable you for digging the ball in the right direction, so your teammate can pick it up and rally further. The task can become complex in real time situation when the serves and spikes are flying past you at rapid speed. It also improves reflex action and coordination with your teammates.

7-Ball Drill:  It takes three players to perform the drill. One player serves the ball from the other side of the volleyball net. You stand in your Libero position. Your partner will initially at the right-side hitter position. Your task is to dig the ball so she can touch it. The drill goes on unto she touches seven balls that you have passed. Then you switch roles. The player at the other end may choose to switch between serving and spiking rapidly. Your task is to keep the dig and pass without missing. The exercise can improve your mental sharpness and focusing ability.

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Focus on a specific drill during each session of training. They can help you in growing into a complete professional Libero in volleyball. Make sure you practice one of the drills for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day. You can experience improvement in your volleyball Libero skills as you progress.

Just keep up the work and I’m sure you’ll see great results  after only a few weeks of practice. Keep in mind that improvement in volleyball takes time, so be patient and you’ll eventually get there.

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