Best Volleyball Spandex Brands

Best Volleyball Spandex Brands For Women In 2021

Playing volley is not only fun but also an excellent workout game that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

However, it can disappoint and dampen your confidence if you don’t wear the perfect shorts. Spandex shorts rate highly in terms of quality and efficiency.

Below here, we take a close look at the best volleyball spandex shorts for women.

Let’s get started.

Best Volleyball Spandex Shorts In 2020

1. Augusta Sportswear Enthuse Volleyball Shorts

If you need an excellent pair of shorts for your volleyball sessions, consider the Augusta Sportswear Enthuse shorts.

Although they’re mostly for volleyball, they’re versatile and suitable for many sports such as Yoga, Lacrosse, and more.

They are available in different colors, and this offers you a variety of options to complement your look in the court.

These shorts consists of 90% polyester material and 10% spandex.

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The advantage of Spandex is that its wicks sweat, and thereby it’s odor resistant. It’s also machine friendly.

The Augusta Sportswear comes in a simple design to offer maximum comfort. The waistband is wide and flat, whereas they don’t have a front seam.

The gusset has a U-Shape, and flat stitches, with a printed label as opposed to a stitched ones.

These are a perfect fit and allow you to maneuver with ease while at the court. They also hold pretty well to the skin and doesn’t raise up.

  • Moisture resistant
  • Made of high-quality polyester and Spandex
  • Maximum comfort
  • Hold well to the skin
  • Available in four colors
  • Versatile
  • It’s not suitable for big-bodied players

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2. BALEAF Women's Volleyball Shorts

Elevate your volleyball game by owning a pair of these functional women’s shorts from BALEAF.

These are made of high quality 90% Polyester material with a blend of 10% Spandex.

With moisture wicking characteristics, you’ll stay dry while elevating your comfort levels.

Some average shorts will ride up and pinch your skin when playing, and thus you may feel uncomfortable.

The gusset features a twofold and triangular design that holds well.

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As a result, these shorts stay in place throughout an active game. The flat seams are smooth to the body, and this adds to your comfort.

The material is stretchable, and this boosts mobility, especially when moving in a full range.

They are stylish with reflective spots that ensure visibility, even when playing under cover of darkness.

  • Comfortable
  • Stretchable
  • Breathable fit
  • Soft to the body
  • Stylish with reflective spots
  • For small bodied women

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3. Mizuno Vortex Volleyball Short

Some women complain of their shorts being pulled down when they bend over.

With many options out there, you’d want a short that’s thick and that which will hold well on active play.

This pair of shorts from Mizuno Vortex is the deal-breaker.

Made from the modern Dry lite advance technology these ensure moisture evaporates fast, thereby boosting your comfort.

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The spandex material is a bit higher at 12% when you compare to most options on the market, with 88% being polyester.

The inseam is thick at 4 inches, and thus you won’t feel it touching the skin.

While many shorts are small-sized, the Mizuno has XXX size with a wide waist and hips for the plus-size woman.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Stretchable material
  • Long inseam
  • Wide waist and large hips
  • Moisture resistant
  • Not machine friendly

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4. Core Flat front Vortex Hybrid Shorts

The Mizuno Vortex Hybrid spandex will soon become your favorite shorts due to their perfect fit.

While they stick perfectly on the skin, they don’t ride nor roll-up.

You’ll love the long inseam and the fact that the waist is a bit higher and gives you confidence when you bend.

Other than that, these consist of polyester and spandex material blend, which has moisture-wicking qualities and are stretchable.

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We love the versatility of these shorts, and due to this, we highly recommend them for high school volleyball. They’re also suitable for basketball or lacrosse

These are the latest addition, and the waistband is wide hence enhance your comfort.

Although their inseam is a bit smaller than the Mizuno Vortex, the gusset is a flatlock, and this raises your confidence level while on the field.

Furthermore, they come in black color, which is not revealing.

  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stretchable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Versatile
  • Available in a black color
  • Have a shorter inseam

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5. ASICS Women's Baseline Vb Short

What makes the ASICS brand so popular?

It’s the provision of high-quality sporting gear, and their women’s baseline volleyball short will not disappoint.

Although most people equate brand popularity at a high price, these shorts cost less yet worth the money.

They consist of 90% nylon material and 10 % spandex. The advantage of such a combination is that you’ll feel dry even after a sweaty session.

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Besides, the material is stretchable, and therefore they will fit comfortably on your body contours. With an extended wide waistband, these shorts are just what you need to stay comfortable in the pitch.

The flat seam design ensures there’s no rubbing on the inside, plus the crotch has a soft lining.

A bonus feature is a long inseam at 4,” and the leg opens will not ride up as you maneuver or during full range of motion.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Moisture resistant
  • Wide waistband
  • Stretchable material
  • The long inseam and flat seam
  • The leg opening has loose stitches

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6. Bodyprox Volleyball Short Women

Small-bodied girls have trouble finding the best shorts, perfectly fitting, and that which will stretch well for maximum comfort.

Overall, you’ll be satisfied with the design of the Bodyprox volleyball shorts, which is unique to ensure you’re comfortable and flexible during volleyball.

The shorts fit excellently thanks to the premium material that consists of 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

This unique combination makes the short to be breathable and moisture resistant.

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Therefore you can say dry and feeling cool even on an active workout. You’ll move comfortably without feeling awkward.

Furthermore, these have a meticulous design that fits snugly with the flatlock and long inseam. Hence, the stitches will not unravel, and this enhances their durability.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Stretchable
  • Breathable and moisture resistant
  • Long inseam
  • Pricey but worth every cent

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7. Adidas Women's 4 Inch Short Tight

Whereas some shorts may pinch your skin, these pairs of Adidas will give you a comfortable experience even during intense play.

You’ll feel dry since they consist of 86% polyester and premium grade 14% Elastolelfin.

This combination has good moisture-wicking qualities and has breathable webbing.

These pairs of shorts are machine friendly. Consequently you only need to toss in the washer for a quick clean up.

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We love the wide waist, long inseam, and perfect fit that doesn’t roll up on your skin. Moreover, the material is thick, and this guarantees your comfort.

  • High-grade polyester and Elastolelfin
  • Moisture-wicking characteristics
  • Comfortable fit
  • Machine friendly
  • Wide waist and long inseam
  • Thick for added comfort
  • The stitches on the leg are not stretchable

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8. ASICS Women's Low Cut Shorts

Next from ASICS, we have these low cut shorts, which are favorite for playing volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, and more.

Their versatility makes them the ideal choice since you’ll get value for money.

But undoubtedly the main reason we settled on the ASICS is the guarantee of quality and brand popularity.

That said, these shorts consist of 92% high-grade Nylon and 8% Spandex.

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This blend tops high in terms of keeping you dry and comfortable. They also make the short to stretch well and mold to the shape of the body.

Despite the shorter inseam, these shorts are ideal for players who’d like to feel chic in the pitch. Nonetheless, the flat seam is smooth on your skin, thereby furthering your comfort.

  • High-quality material
  • Flat seam for comfort
  • Breathable
  • Perfect fit
  • Great value
  • A short inseam

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9. MAGNIVIT 3 Pack Women's Volleyball Shorts

If you’re too conscious about wearing very tight shorts that have shorter inseams, you can consider the MAGNIVIT 3 Volleyball spandex.

Although they look small, they have a longer inseam that doesn’t cause the short to roll-up.

These come in a perfect design for an intense game since they stretch and wick moisture, thereby keeping you dry.

We’ll also mention that they provide a tight and comfortable fit that holds well in place.

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The material consists of Spandex and polyester, which ensure excellent stretching abilities.

The style is simple and classic, making them suitable for a variety of games such as yoga, baseball, and volleyball.

  • Long inseam
  • Comfortable fit
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Stretchable
  • Stylish and classic
  • Versatile
  • Some users complain of stitches running loose

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10. Badger Sport Pro-Compression Volleyball Shorts

Play volley in style by picking the Badger Sports shorts. We highly recommend these pro-compression shorts since they’re snug and fit comfortably without constricting.

The quality is top-notch and consists of 90% polyester, which is breathable and moisture-proof.

It also consists of a 10% spandex that has good stretching abilities and provides the perfect fit.

It’s a bit shorter since the inseam is three inches.

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However, it features a wide waistband for a comfortable fit.

These shorts are versatile for most outdoor games such as lacrosse and indoor games such as basketball. There are three colors available for both adults and small sizes.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Quality is top-notch
  • Breathable material
  • Stretchable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatile
  • Small inseam

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Why Do Volleyball Women Players Wear Spandex?

When choosing any sports gear, it’s important to consider your comfort, range of motion or flexibility, sweat absorption, and fitness.

In volleyball, there’s a lot of motion, ranging from flying high in the air to striking the ball.

You’ll also move from side to side in an attempt to serve the ball before it lands on the ground. As a volleyball player, you’ll need flexible clothing to make rewarding and quick maneuvers.

Spandex Material Is Stretchable  

Spandex is a high-quality material that is highly recommended in many sports. It’s stretchable and provides a comfortable fit. Also, it has moisture strapping abilities and dries fast.

It’s unlike cotton material, which absorbs moisture and retains it. The stretchiness of material gives the player a perfect opportunity to swift movements in the field.

Women volleyball players wear Spandex since it absorbs sweat and dries faster. Therefore you’ll stay dry and fresh.

Spandex Fits Perfectly

Another advantage of Spandex is that it fits properly without rolling up. Therefore, you don’t need to keep on adjusting which is pretty uncomfortable.

Spandex is breathable and allows air circulation without retaining heat and sweat. It’s well woven and doesn’t see through.

Additionally, it’s resistant to perspiration, and it allows sweat to wick a condition. Therefore it doesn’t stick to the body and makes the skin pores to breathe with ease.

In volleyball, jumping high is inevitable. You may bend, turn right and left to reach the ball. You need an outfit that’s comfortable and one that doesn’t hamper free movement, such as Spandex.

Spandex has flat stitches that don’t tweak the skin. It maintains shape, doesn’t wrinkle, it’s soft, elastic, and perfectly fits on your body.

Also, it’s resistant to acid and alkaline; hence it’s durable. Spandex maintains its original color since it doesn’t fade.

Due to its elasticity and comfort, it’s highly recommended in women’s volleyball sportswear.

How To Choose The Best Volleyball Spandex

For you to succeed in any game, you must have the best tools and excellent sportswear. Choosing the best gear doesn’t mean walking into a sports store and picking anything that catches your eyes.

Below here, we shall highlight the most important things to consider when choosing volleyball spandex shorts for women. Read on.


When playing volleyball, you need to be comfortable and confident enough. Wearing a fitting sports gear boosts your esteem levels and increases your chances of winning.

Therefore, knowing the right size of volley shorts is essential. You can achieve this by taking the right measurements, especially if you’re shopping online.

Most volley shorts have size ranges such as small, medium, or large sizes. Your selection should fit you properly.

Since comfort is everything, an oversize short will sag, roll up and will look awkward or shapeless

A very tight pair of shorts will feel uncomfortable, and you may feel too conscious when playing. Likewise, it will interfere with the free flow of blood to your legs

The best pair of shorts is the best fit that will tightly hug your body. Ideally, it should support your muscles.


The volleyball shorts are normally short. While choosing a sports gear, pick one that goes along with the game.

Volleyball is a vigorous game with a lot of movement. The style of these shorts enables the player to move comfortably and freely.

The design should be a lightweight outfit. Most importantly, the legs need to be free to make maneuvers, unlike when wearing pants.

Only a small portion of the leg has a cover, and this minimizes sweating.

Material Composition  

Volleyball shorts are a blend of Spandex and other material such as nylon and polyester. Normally, Spandex makes up to 10%, and this allows the sweat to wick.

You’ll also feel comfortable since the shorts will not stick to your skin due to sweat.

Value for Money

Quite often, it’s not possible to separate the issue of cost and quality. Spandex material is superior to nylon and polyester, which are commonly used in making sportswear.

Spandex shorts cost more due to material quality and durability. Therefore due to extra comfort, you’ll find that the quality of Spandex is synonymous with a high price.

Budget early so that you can buy a pair of shorts that will last longer.

FAQs about the Best Volleyball Spandex

Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short and Tight?

Volleyball involves moving swiftly to control the ball, and a long pair of shorts can hamper your speed and movement.

Likewise, these may feel heavy or bulky.

A short and tight pair of shorts makes your body feel light. Thus, you can make quick movements faster.

What Size Volleyball Shorts Should I Get?

The best fit depends on your body size and shape. When choosing a pair of volleyball shorts, select a size that will fit you comfortably.

Such shorts should tightly snug on your skin. On the same note, they shouldn’t be too tight to leave impressions around the seam area. It can interfere with the free flow of blood in your legs.

The best short should press on your skin but not feel tight. Also, a loose short will roll up when playing. You may not feel comfortable when flying up and down to control the ball.

How Do I Stop My Volleyball Shorts from Riding Up?

Riding up of your shorts may be due to your body shape or small size shorts. If it has to do with your body, apply a thin layer of hair spray on the thighs to prevent the roll-up.

If the shorts are extremely short, the thighs may rub against each other, and the shorts will ride up. Consider buying a slightly longer short with longer seam.


Choosing the best pair of shorts for your volleyball session can elevate your game. It boosts your confidence levels since you’re comfortable and can maneuver easily.

From our review, spandex shorts rate highly due to their comfort, moisture-wicking ability, and the fact that they’re breathable.

Such shorts are also durable and will give you value for money.

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