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Best Volleyball Shoes For Men and Women In 2021

There are hundreds of different volleyball shoes in today’s market. Different models. Different colors. Different prices. Shoes for men and others made especially for women.

In the middle of all this, you find yourself reluctant on which volleyball shoes are the right fit for your volleyball style of play and personal preferences.

Don’t worry about that anymore.

I made this guide for you guys to help you choose the best volleyball shoes that meet your needs and preferences.

Below, I review top women’s volleyball shoes as well as the best men’s volleyball shoes.

Without further ado, let’s get started then.

Men’s Best Volleyball Shoes 2020 Reviews

Men’s feet are different.

That’s why you need to find yourself a proper volleyball shoes that are made for men.

Below, are my top 10 volleyball shoes for men in 2020.

1. ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

One feature that makes this shoe truly exceptional is the Trusstic System Technology designed to make this shoe as lightweight as possible but at the same time, maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe whereby it offers a snug fit and maximum cushioning and protection for the player.

The show weighs a mere 11.9oz, so the player is assured that they will not get weighed down thus affecting their performance.

Speaking of cushioning, this volleyball shoe feature’s ASICS’s signature GEL® cushioning system mainly focused on the forefoot and this attenuates shocks received at the ball of the foot.

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The synthetic upper does not require any break-in time so players can get playing the very first time they put on this shoe.

For grip, the gum rubber outsole provides unparalleled traction, so the player never has to worry about falling or losing balance.

This is a top-level shoe at an entry-level price, and that is a rare combination to come by.

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2. Mizuno Men's Wave Bolt 6 Volleyball-Shoes

Utilizing DynaMotion Groove, this shoe gives flexible support that enhances the player’s performance.

On the other hand, the parallel wave plate gives improved stability around the midfoot region, and this is important for when the player is making any move on the court, and they need to maintain their balance for speed and accuracy.

Mizuno’s Intercool™ Technology provides superior air flow for breathability and reduced sweating.

Both the upper and the sole are made from a synthetic material but the high-quality synthetic sole has been designed to offer superior traction and grip to prevent slipping and sliding even the player is playing indoors.

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Another aspect that makes this shoe suitable for indoor play is the fact that the outsole is non-marking and so you do not have to worry about your shoes damaging perfectly cleaned and polished wooden floors.

Lastly, the shoe features Dura shield toe guard for the prevention of any possible injuries caused by bad landings and falls.

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ASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT

One particular string point of this shoe is that it has been designed to give a perfect fit. Additionally, it is constructed using Trusstic System which helps reduce the weight of the shoe while at the same time maintaining its structural integrity.

A lighter shoe allows the player to perform unhampered whereas structural integrity enhances performance by giving good support and cushioning for comfort and stability while on the pitch.

As far as cushioning is concerned, this volleyball shoe employs FluidRide which gives the ultimate combination of cushioning and ample bounce back at the same time; this shoe manages to remain very lightweight despite its ample cushioning, and this results in superior comfort.

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The GEL cushioning systems are mainly focused around the rearfoot and forefoot areas for proper shock absorption during toe-off and impact phases, and this allows the player to move on multiple planes during transition through the gait cycle.

Having been made from an NC rubber outsole, you can rest assured that this shoe will be very durable, but at the same time, the rubber sole gives excellent grip on all floor surface types.

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ASICS Men's Volley Elite FF Mt Volleyball Shoe

This volleyball shoe features revolutionary FlyteFoam® Technology, and this is responsible for providing exceptional grip, lightweight cushioning and explosive response.

This stands at being the most lightweight high-end volleyball shoe ever produced by ASICS, and so it is ideal for players who are serious about their game.

Besides the FlyteFoam® Technology, the shoe also has GEL Cushioning systems focused around the rearfoot and forefoot for an accentuated shock during the crucial phases.

The lightweight nature means that you will not feel the gel and FF but rest assured this shoe still gives ample cushioning and support.

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The seamless open mesh upper gives improved breathability and offers the player flexibility so that they can play comfortably for optimal performance.

At the same time, this open mesh upper also contributes towards the lightweight nature of the shoe which measures a mere 12.6 oz.

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Adidas Men's Crazyflight X Mid Volleyball Shoe

For increased stability and better support, the Adidas Men’s Crazyflight X Mid Volleyball Shoe comes with a mid-cut upper, and this makes the shoe especially suited for players who may be prone to ankle injuries.

The BOOST Technology utilized in the midsole offers superior responsive cushioning whereby the player gets an impressive energy return with every jump and step.

This is because the midsole has a ‘springy’ feel meant to boost the player’s performance. On the other hand, the SPRINTWEB upper is highly abrasion-resistant, and this enables it to stand up well to wear and tear.

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The sprint skin is also very flexible for additional support and stability.

This shoe has a built-in PU sock liner which adapts to the foot shape for a higher level of comfort than that offered by regular sock liners.

Still, on comfort, there is a TPU toe cap which provides toe protection and maximum resistance without the player having to sacrifice their flex and comfort.

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Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z4 Volleyball Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 features XG (Extra Grade) rubber which gives the shoe high traction grip for faster side to side movements.

Additionally, the shoe incorporates D-Flex (Diagonal Flexible) grooves in the midfoot area thus allowing the player to turn at maximum speed and power.

Besides the D-Flex Grooves, there is also the DynaMotion Groove which gives increased flexibility and agility all the while minimizing instability, especially on the forefoot.

The player also benefits from the Parallel Wave Technology which is responsible for uniform dispersion of shock throughout the sole and this way you get to experience better cushioning and enhanced stability.

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The Parallel Wave Plate is connected to the ground through SENSORPOINT Suspension System.

The midsole is made from revolutionary Pownce (Power + Bounce) material which results in drastic weight reduction for increased cushioning and rebound.

Additionally, it also has SR Touch material for proper shock absorption thus keeping the traction smooth and fast

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Mizuno Men's Wave Tornado X

By using Infinity Wave Plate, this shoe offers terrific cushioning with improved durability of the shoe because impact at foot strike is absorbed and dispersed.

Additionally, DynaMotion Groove further increases the flexibility and agility of the player while on the field all the while minimizing forefoot instability.

Similar to other high-end Mizuno volleyball shoes, this one also features XG Rubber outsoles for very high traction to the floor.

Furthermore, the soles are non-marking so that this shoe can be used indoors on wooden gym floors. The lightweight midsole is made from AP+, and this material allows for increased rebound, cushion durability and lightweight performance.

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There is also the SR Touch responsible for the midsole’s shock absorption properties and the Dura shield used at the forefoot protects the shoe from toe drag.

Mizuno’s Intercool ventilation system sees to it that there is reduced heat and humidity build-up within the shoe and so the player gets to remain comfortably cool and dry.

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Adidas Performance Men's Energy Volley Boost

Adidas is a huge name in the sporting industry, and so you can always rely on quality and durability whenever you purchase any of their gaming equipment.

This particular volleyball shoe is constructed from a combination of textile and synthetics whereby you have a rubber outsole, a synthetic insole and a synthetic upper.

The rubber out sole bears an efficient design which provides superior grip while on the volleyball and this is important for any volleyball player who would like to perform optimally.

On top of that, the SPRINT PLATE gives additional power by stabilizing and guiding the foot so that you experience explosive movements during jumping and landing.

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The BOOST cushioning is additionally very responsive, and so the more energy the player gives, the more they get back to help them play their best game yet.

The SPRING WEB upper on the other hand is flexible and resistant to abrasions, and this guarantees the durability of the shoe.

There is a wide hook-and-loop strap located over the laces, and this helps lock down the fit for a snug, slip-free fit.

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Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z BK-SL

A great volleyball shoe should be able to offer unrivaled shock absorption because the sport in itself involves a lot of jumping and lading and most often in quick bursts and when it comes to shock absorption, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z BK-SL does not disappoint.

Featuring Parallel Wave Technology, this shoe allows for uniform dispersion of shock throughout the sole and this, in turn, gives the player excellent cushioning and better stability, so they never have to get thrown off balance when landing.

The XG (Extra Grade) rubber sole also gives high traction to the floor, and better yet, it is a non-marking outsole, and so the player can comfortably wear this shoe when playing outdoors on the pitch during matches or indoors in the gym during practice.

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The DynaMotion Groove comes in handy for increased agility and flexibility all the while minimizing forefoot instability when jumping or landing.

By using this technology, there is less wear on the footwear owing to better shock absorption and this, in turn, eliminates distortion of the shoe thus giving a perfect fit even after several months of usage

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ASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT

If a player is particularly concerned about cushioning, then this is the best shoe you could find. It has visible forefoot and rearfoot GEL® cushioning systems for attenuation of shocks during the key phases of toe-off and impact.

By offering reinforced cushioning at both the rearfoot and the forefoot, this volleyball shoe allows players to move freely on multiple planes without having to worry about putting any strain on their feet or suffering potential injuries.

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Besides the GEL® cushioning this shoe also features a FluidRide® midsole which gives both cushioning and bounce back for great support from high impact and enhanced durability of the shoe.

Support and stability are further enhanced by the rigid midfoot Trusstic® System Technology which guarantees that the structural integrity of the shoe is maintained all the while enabling the shoe to remain as lightweight as possible.

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Women’s Best Volleyball Shoes: Detailed Reviews

Sports equipment manufacturers have made volleyball shoes that fit well the morphology of women’s feet.

Here are reviews of my top recommended volleyball shoes for women.

NIKE Women's Air Zoom Hyperace Volleyball Shoes

The Hyperace is a durable shoe designed for comfort and optimum performance.

To begin with, it features Zoom Air units which provide lightweight cushioning for a pleasantly airy feel.

Additionally, there is also a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) cage located at the upper, and this serves the purpose of providing extra support and stability.

The TPU cage upper conforms to the player’s foot, and this results in a supportive and comfortable fit and feel thus ensuring that the player will not suffer any fatigue even after wearing the shoes for prolonged periods of time.

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Besides the TPU cage, the breathable mesh upper also comes in handy in dissipating heat from the feet thus resulting in a dry and fresh feel for maximum comfort.

Being a shoe particularly designed for use on hard court surfaces, it comes with a durable rubber sole with well-designed treads that deliver excellent traction.

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ASICS Women's Gel 1150V Volleyball Shoe

Toe injuries can be quite common in volleyball players especially when they are not wearing the right kind of playing shoes.

To safeguard against this, therefore, the ASICS 1150V comes with a PGuard™ toe protector to both protect the toes and also reduce wear around the toe region thus giving the shoe enhanced durability.

The synthetic and air mesh upper, on the other hand, provides enhanced breathability and improves comfort so that the players can comfortably wear the shoes for prolonged periods of time during matches or training.

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Airflow is further enhanced by the ventilated sole unit making this shoe a perfect choice for players who have particularly sweaty feet.

The Rearfoot GEL® cushioning system attenuates shock during impact phase hence allowing for a smooth transition to midstance. Additionally, the SpEVA midsole gives improved bounce back and overall durability.

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ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

The Gel-Rocket 8 is a top-level multi-court shoe designed for volleyball players who make quick lateral movements.

The NC rubber outsole compound is designed to contain more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, and this results in enhanced traction while on the field.

This shoe is very lightweight, weighing just 9.4 oz. and this is made possible by the use of the Trusstic System.

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Through this technology, the shoe gets to remain as lightweight as possible, all the while offering ample support and stability by ensuring its structural integrity isn’t compromised.

Additionally, because of the synthetic upper, you do not have to worry about giving this shoe a break-in period and so the player can be court-ready the minute they wear the shoe.

The forefoot GEL® cushioning system is perfectly designed to attenuate shock during the impact phase for optimal support and elimination of injuries.

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Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 6 Volleyball Shoes

Featuring Mizuno’s Parallel Wave Plate Technology, this shoe disperses shocks uniformly along the sole of the shoe, and this gives much better stability and cushioning against impacts.

The Wave Plate is connected to the floor through the Sensor Point suspension system which provides better tracking and increased stability.

Additionally, the DynaMotion Groove design relieves the stress which your foot would naturally place on the shoe, and this eliminates any chances of distortion.

This way, the shoe would offer the player the same perfect git even after months of wear.

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Having a multicourt design, this shoe has a non-marking outsole safeguarding against damage to the wooden gym floors.

For comfort, this volleyball shoe features Intercool ventilation system which reduces the build-up of heat and humidity inside the shoe this keeping the player comfortably cool and dry.

Additionally, the Dura Shield feature protects the toes from damage caused by friction against the floor and this also allows the shoe to last longer, looking newer even after several months of constant wear.

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Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

Similar to all other Mizuno volleyball shoes, the Lightning Z2 also features Parallel Wave Technology which is responsible for uniform dispersion of shock to the sole of the shoe.

This is made possible by the Sensor Point Suspension System which connects the Wave plate to the floor to allow for increased stability and traction.

The sole of this shoe is made out of XG rubber, and it provides very high grip traction to the floor.

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Additionally, this sole is non-marking, and so players can use the shoe when playing outdoors and also when playing in indoor gyms.

The cup-in-sole is anatomically designed to comfortably fit the bottom of your foot for comfort and optimum support.

DynaMotion Fit Technology, on the other hand, relieves the stress placed by the foot on the sole of the shoe and this, in turn, eliminates distortion of the shoe shape which can occur naturally over time.

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ASICS Women's Gel-Netburner Ballistic Volleyball Shoe

Asics volleyball shoes are known for having ASICS signature forefoot and rearfoot GEL® cushioning systems which offer optimum shock absorption from impact and toe-off phases.

This cushioning offers increased support and improves the player’s stability which in turn improves their performance.

By employing the Trusstic® system technology, this shoe gets to have amazing structural integrity but while remaining incredibly lightweight so that the player does not feel weighed down.

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Speaking of structural integrity, the shoe features a quarter panel brace which securely wraps the foot for extra support during side to side movements when on the court.

In addition to the GEL cushioning systems, there is also FluidRide technology which provides excellent bounce back and cushioning, all the while giving the shoe impressive durability.

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ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoe

This particular shoe is a favorite shoe among high school and club volleyball players, and it is not hard to see why.

First off, the shoe uses Trusstic® System Technology meaning it is incredibly lightweight but can still offer great support and stability for the players.

It also features rearfoot and forefoot GEL® Cushioning technology, and so the players are guaranteed of support and bounce back.

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When they don’t have to worry about getting injured, players can then place all their focus on the game confident that the shoe will protect them adequately during the game.

The open mesh upper makes this shoe very comfortable to wear even for a prolonged period, and the toe guard offers increased longevity of the shoe.

Additionally, the seamless construction of the upper guard against irritation and friction often caused by traditional seams and stitches.

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Adidas Women's Crazyflight Bounce W Volleyball-Shoes

By employing an EVA stabilisation rim around the midsole, this volleyball shoe gives exceptional high-impact cushioning desired by every volleyball player.

This flexible bounce midsole is particularly important if you spend a huge portion of your day playing volleyball and are thus looking for energised all-day comfort.

For added comfort, the shoe further features a polyurethane sock liner which allows for a nice snug fit.

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The textile mesh upper of this shoe has TPU foil reinforcements, and these are meant to provide support while at the same time giving the shoe hardwearing properties for longevity.

Lastly, the rubber sole offers better performance compared to shoes with synthetic soles, and so the players get to experience gripping traction with every landing

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Mizuno Women's Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe

This shoe comes with Dura Shield on the forefoot, to protect it from toe drag that’s popular when playing volleyball.

It also features an XG rubber outsole with incredible traction and grip and non-marking properties so that the players can play indoors without worrying about marking up the gym floor.

Infinity Wave Plate technology is more visible and more effective than Parallel Wave Plate construction, but the former gives much better cushioning.

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Also, with Infinity Wave Plates, the impact is absorbed and dispersed at foot strike, and so the shoe gets to have improved durability.

The midsole is made from a lightweight AP+ material which gives increased rebound and cushioning all the while allowing the shoe to remain lightweight.

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ASICS Women's Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe

The full-length gum rubber outsole on this shoe gives excellent traction on all floor surfaces. Combine this with the shock-reducing rearfoot GEL® Cushion System, and you have yourself a shoe that offers optimum performance and stability but without compromising on the player’s comfort.

With an upper constructed from a combination of synthetic leather overlays and mesh underlays, this shoe provides a lot of air flow for breathability and forefoot comfort which is particularly desired by amateur volleyball players who may just be starting out.

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Another factor that makes this shape perfect for beginners is the fact that is has a synthetic upper and so no breaking-in period is required.

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What To Consider When Buying A Volleyball Shoe?


The upper may be made out of either leather or synthetic leather, and both work pretty competently to provide lateral stability. The difference, of course, comes in when looking at aspects such as cost and the general performance and reliability whereby of course leather uppers take the day.

On the other hand, though, leather uppers require some time to be broken in, unlike synthetic uppers which do not require a break-in period. To adequately provide lateral stability, the upper should give a comfortable fit that is relatively snug but not too tight.

With the right amount of lateral stability, the player will be able to change direction rapidly and suddenly and without getting off balance. The upper of a volleyball shoe should also be made from a lightweight material so that the player is not weighed down while on the pitch.

Midsole and Sole

The midsole lies between the insole and the outsole, and its prime role is to provide cushioning and shock absorption qualities. Popularly, midsoles are made from injected ethylene vinyl acetate and polyurethane, but it is not uncommon to also find those made put of proprietary materials such as air, gel or other plastics.

Volleyball involves a lot of jumping up and down, and so it is the mid-sole that is responsible for absorbing the repeated shock to the balls of the feet caused by constant raising up and landing. Besides cushioning though, the mid-sole should also allow for a lot of flexibility so that the player can easily and quickly take off in any direction and at any time.

When it comes to the sole, the player should be interested in the material it is made out of as well as the amount of traction it offers. Additionally, though, another important consideration is whether the sole has a non-marking design or not and this mainly applies if you intend to use the shoe when plying indoors on wooden floors.

Breathability (Air Flow)

The mesh upper of a volleyball shoe consists of mesh panels, and these are responsible for giving the shoe breath-ability. The feet can get pretty hot and sweaty while playing and so this is where a breathable shoe comes in handy to ensure that the player’s feet get plenty of air circulation. In turn, good air circulation within the shoe prevents fatigue, sweat, overheating and general discomfort by giving the player dry comfort.

Additionally, good air circulation also protects your feet from any microbial activities, and this is especially important if you expect to spend many hours playing or practicing. Besides the air mesh upper, some volleyball shoe brands also come with a ventilated sole unit all meant to provide ample air circulation for the player’s feet.


The grip is also referred to as traction, and it is perhaps the most critical factor to consider when buying volleyball shoes because, without proper grip, the player will not be able to perform at their optimum level. The amount of traction provided by a particular shoe will be dependent on the sole design as well as the material it is made out of.

Generally, rubber is known to provide better grip compared to synthetics, but also keep in mind that rubber-soled volleyball shoes are pricier than their synthetic counterparts.

Volleyball shoes that have outsoles made out of fairly soft and slightly flexible rubber will give a good footing whereas having a good amount of treads and flex grooves will allow the player to curl onto the ball of the foot easily.


All volleyball shoes have cushioning provided by the mid-sole, but the difference comes in when assessing just how much cushioning has been provided. Some designs give more emphasis on the cushioning at the forefoot or rear foot area, whereas others provide uniform cushioning all over the base of the player’s foot.

Of course, it arguably makes more sense, to go for shoes which provide more cushioning at the rear, because of all the jumping that’s involved when playing volleyball. With good cushioning, the player gets to land as softly as possible every time, and besides preventing fatigue, this factor also prevents injury particularly to the ankle.

Don’t forget to get yourself good volleyball shorts: here’s our guide on that.

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