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Best Volleyball Mesh Bags and Backpacks In 2020

Having a good reliable bag is essential if you’re practicing volleyball regularly on a weekly basis.

There are 3 main different types of volleyball bags that I’ll cover in this guide.

I’ll talk about volleyball mesh bags, volleyball backpacks and volleyball big training bags.

Below you’ll find my choices for the best volleyball bags and backpacks in 2020.

Best Volleyball Mesh Bags Reviews

Mizuno Mesh Volleyball Bag

The best part about this black mesh bag is that it is part of a larger package comprising a backpack, and the mesh volleyball bag comes as an extra accessory. It is convenient in that you can store your ball without taking up much-needed room in the backpack and this mesh bag makes it easy for parents and guardians to see whether the kid has accidentally left their ball in the field.

Additionally, this mesh bag is of very good quality, so players never have to worry about the bag accidentally getting ripped, but at the same time, it is conveniently lightweight so that you only feel the weight of the ball. This bag is perfectly sized to hold one standard size volleyball and to allow for easy hands-free carrying; the bag comes with plastic hooks so that the player can clip it to a backpack for easy portability.

The top opening of the bag has a safe, easy to use cord and toggle closure so that even the younger players can open and close this bag on their own without needing assistance from an adult. Besides the mesh bag, the larger backpack also comes with knee pad clips and a ventilated shoe pouch to allow for good aeration thus preventing a stinking scenario.

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ASICS Unisex Volleyball Individual

Another great purchase, this mesh is also designed to fit one volleyball perfectly. The 600D polyester mesh is a great high-quality material that stands up well to wear and tear, and it is also lightweight to reduce the likelihood of any extra weight.

When carrying this mesh bag, the player will only feel the weight of the ball which is great because this can work as a way of quickly reminding them when they forget their balls on the field. One unique aspect, however, is that this ASICS mesh bag comes with a canvas mesh bottom which allows it to hold the ball nicely whenever the player sets the bag down.

Allowing for easy portability is the fact that this mesh bag also comes with a plastic hook so that players can attach the mesh bag to the exterior of a backpack or any other team bag. This hands-free method of carrying the volleyball mesh bag is very convenient, guaranteeing that the bag can be used even by kids. The fact that it comes with cord and toggle closure at the top opening is another factor that makes this bag the perfect purchase, so parents never have to deal with broken zippers or any other zip-related accidents.

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Molten Single Volleyball/Soccer Ball Bag

This Molten volleyball mesh bag is quite stylish because it is designed to conform to the round shape of the ball and as such, it hugs the ball neatly once it’s placed inside. The mesh design easily discloses the contents of the bag, and this can be quite a relief to coaches and parents because they can easily tell when a player packs the wrong ball or forgets to take their ball altogether.

Unlike with backpacks whereby you have to open and peek inside, mesh bags easily give you this insight even from afar. This mesh bag can only hold one standard size volleyball, but besides that, it can also be used to carry a netball, soccer ball or any other small-sized ball. Of course, do not expect a basketball to fit in here.

This durable ball bag features a strong webbing and quality construction, so players can be assured that it is a bag that will last them through several seasons. When playing during rainier or dustier times of the year, the convenience of a mesh bag over a backpack is that the former can hold dirty balls without you having to worry much about damaging the bag.

The mesh pattern filters out any debris, and even when it gets wet or dirty, it can easily be washed and dried in a few minutes thanks to its very lightweight nature.

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Rox Volleyball Individual Ball Bag

While a volleyball can easily be stored inside a backpack, this might not always be ideal because the backpack might be too small or the ball might end up taking too much room in the backpack, and not leave space for anything else such as kits. As a result, therefore, this is where mesh bags come in handy because they allow the player to carry the ball separately and for easy transportation, the mesh bags often come with convenient hooking loops that can be used to attach the mesh bag onto the exterior of a backpack.

This Rox volleyball bag is easy to use, easy to carry and it features a stylish design that conforms to the circular shape of the ball. Additionally, the cord and toggle closure is very easy to use such that even the younger players can easily access the contents of the bag.

If you do not need to reach for the ball though, you can easily make sure you have the right one because the see-through mesh gives easy visibility into the contents of the bag. This way, there are fewer chances of a player forgetting their ball in the court.

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Best Volleyball Backpacks For Sale

Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack

Measuring 21″ x 11.5″ x 13″, this backpack is perfectly sized to fit all of the player’s gear including the volleyball. The main compartment is conveniently large, and the air mesh back reduces the heat against your back if you happen to be carrying the backpack in very hot weather. Also, this back has aero straps which provide the user with comfort while wearing the bag.

Besides the main compartment, there is a mesh-ventilated shoe pouch as well to ensure that you do not have to put your dirty shoes together with your kits in the main compartment. Another advantage of this shoe pouch is that it’s ventilated to allow for plenty of air circulation which prevents stinking.

Aside from the dedicated shoe pouch, this Mizuno backpack also comes with knee pad clips located on the outside of the bag, and this allows the gear to dry in the open air after a match. Just as well, this backpack additionally comes with a dedicated mesh volleyball bag that can easily be hooked onto the outside of the bag using the provided loops.

This way, you may choose to keep your ball in the large main compartment or the separate mesh pouch in case there isn’t sufficient room in the bag.

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Best Volleyball Big Bags For Balls

Tachikara TV 6 Nylon Volleyball Team Bag

If you are the coach, you might need a bag that can carry more than one ball at a time and this is where big volleyball bags come in handy. This Tachikara bag measures 24” x 17” x 7” and it can comfortably hold up to 6 inflated volleyballs For easy transportation, there are two options provided: you may choose to use the long adjustable shoulder strap, or you may carry the bag using the haul handles complete with Velcro closure.

This durable rectangular-shaped bag is constructed using strong, hardwearing nylon complete with good quality zippers which don’t break easily or get stuck when the balls aren’t placed in the bag properly. The quality construction and durable materials used guarantees that you will use this ball bag for countless matches and practices.

Besides the large main compartment of the bag which holds the balls, this bag also comes with mesh side pockets which can be used to hold small items such as a whistle. One last exciting bit is that there are several colors to choose from so the user can easily find a color that matches the team’s uniforms.

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Molten Volleyball Bag

Similar to the Tachikara bag, this Molten bag can also hold six inflated volleyballs as long as they are the official size. The rectangular design of the bag comes in handy when walking through doorways or when putting the volleyball bag into the trunk of a car.

Another convenient design feature is the wire supports located on the outer portion of the bag, and these retain the bag’s form and also give it stability for easy carrying. Speaking of easy carrying, this bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough for comfortable transportation. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t any haul handles provided.

However, the shoulder strap gives the allocation of a space to write your team name, and this can come quite in handy to avoid confusing luggage when traveling. The nylon material guarantees the durability of the bag and the high-quality stitching ensures that the seams will not easily rip open.

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