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Best Volleyball Ankle Braces In 2021: Ultimate Guide

Most of volleyball players today wear ankle braces to make sure they have maximum protection during the game.

For recreational volleyball play like beach volleyball, you’re probably don’t need to get ankle support.

However, if you’re a serious about volleyball or at least worried about your safety when playing volleyball, then an ankle brace is a must-have protective gear.

This guide will help you find the best volleyball ankle braces in today’s market.

Let’s get started.

Things To Consider When Buying Volleyball Ankle Braces

The primary purpose of using ankle braces in volleyball is to protect your leg and spine from stress and injury to the ankle and feet. The construction, material, and design should provide comfort and support to the ankles apart from allowing your feet, knees, and legs to move freely.

Moves and jumps are the two powerful actions of volleyball. They are also the main risk factors for ankle sprain and injuries. Hence, the volleyball ankle brace should be designed to restrict the frontal plane movement of your ankle.

For this, it should have a hinged design to cover part of the hind leg, the talus bone, the heel bone, the fibula bone and the Tibia bone which are located within the ankle zone. Moreover, it should fit around the ankle muscles comfortably.

The material should be able to absorb the shocks and vibrations from acute forms of actions like the spike jump and the standing vertical jump. It should be dense enough to neutralize the inversion stress when the other players’ feet may collide with your ankle. The number of belts on the ankle brace should be sufficient to provide cushioning effects to the muscles and bones of the ankle listed above.

They should provide sufficient support to prevent accidental twists while moving forward, backward and sideways. The construction may have options for side inserts which provide additional stability to the entire ankle. The fitment of the brace should be flexible enough to allow free movement of the foot and leg.

Moreover, it should allow free blood circulation and air movement. Position of the belts at the anchor wrap position, beneath heal, and the V-shaped cross-section can be highly beneficial.

These belts can help balance the control while performing asymmetric body and leg movements (Ex: bending ankle and knee to make passes, stretching the foot to reach the ball, and bending back, etc).

Best Volleyball Ankle Braces Reviews In 2020

Mizuno DXS2 Left Ankle Brace For Volleyball Players

Materials used for making the Mizuno DXS2 Left Ankle Brace provide support and stability to the ankle bones and muscles. Nylon is a stiff material. It prevents the frontal plane movement of ankle. Polyester provides comfort and rubber absorbs shocks and vibrations. The brace design allows vast range of free movements in horizontal and vertical directions.

The heel protector can reduce the transverse stress on the ankles. Hence, the probability of injury and sprain reduces significantly. The construction of Mizuno DXS2 can enable smooth foot progression along the vertical and horizontal axes. Your left shin can move forward comfortably.

Stability to body position can enable you to apply extra force while jumping without any risk of injuries. The three belts on the Mizuno DXS2 cover your heels, ankle bones, and the shin. They provide maximum protection to your knees and lower back by absorbing the shocks and vibrations, which can otherwise cause stress and fatigue.

 Fusion of nylon, rubber, and polyester form protective layers
 Patented DF-Cut design enables free movements in horizontal and vertical directions
 Shock absorption during jumps and movements

 Fits only left ankle

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Ankle Stabilizer Brace by Vive - Neoprene Compression Wrap

Optimum pressure adjustment is the primary feature of the Vive compression wrap. It allows you to cover most injury prone bones and muscles. It can provide reinforcement to the previously injured muscles and protect them from shocks. The wrap covers more than half of your heel from the hind side to the front.

The vertical extension covers up to the shin. The firmness of the material is sufficient to protect the ankle from the frontal plane movement, accidental twisting, and vertical force from the ground. Fitment around the ankle joint, hind foot bones, and the mid foot bones can allow smooth foot progression.

The risk of injury to the joints, bones and muscles reduces significantly. Closer wrapping around the ankle can reduce the magnitude of load from the landing after jumping. The high intensity load from spiking, blocking, passing, and serving can generate vibrations and shocks which can spread up to your spine. The Vive compression wrap blocks all such vibrations and offers maximum protection.

 Skin tight fitment for complete ankle, heel, and shin protection
 Absolute blocking of ankle frontal plane movement
 Flexible for foot and leg movement

 May not fit into your shoes unless they are big enough to accommodate the wrap

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IPOW Ankle Support For Volleyball

The most striking feature of IPOW is its compact construction and sleek design. It can fit into your standard size volleyball shoes without any hassles. You can war it over your socks and be ready for risk free action.

IPOW covers the most injury prone zones on your heels, ankle and the shin. It fits firmly around the bones and muscles to provide ample compression pressure. Hence, there will be no accidental twists and sprains while jumping, landing, moving, and bending of the ankle.

The design of IPOW eases foot rotations while spiking, blocking, passing, and serving. Its design can neutralize inversion stress when your ankle experiences high intensity impact from other players’ foot and leg. Absorption of shocks can prevent any probable injury.

Flexible material of IPOW allows free movement of your foot along the vertical and horizontal lines without having to twist the ankle joint. It also provides additional force to the movement. The entire construction offers protection from forceful impact from the ground while playing.

 Designed and constructed for perfect fitment and maximum protection
 Allows free leg and feet movement.
 Absolute protection from pain

 No visible cons

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Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support

The design and construction of Shock Doctor 849 are similar to that of a wartime armour horse riders wear. Stiffness of Brace material and layer of gel cushion can absorb the maximum shocks and vibrations. Hence, your heel, ankle, shin, knees, and spine stay protected.

Open design on the hind side and front side of the heel allows you to get a firm footing on the ground while playing. Protection to the mid-heel and upper foot bones reduces the risk of injury from impact on the ground. Hence, you can afford to play all the jumping and landing adventures without any risk. Laced wrapping around the ankle and shin is firm, yet gentle and comfortable.

The gel cushion layer allows your ankle to take on maximum load resulting from high intensity action of random know bending and foot movement. Brace construction ensures absolute resistance to ankle frontal plane movement and bending. Hence, the risk of sprain and injuries (internal and external) reduces to near zero.

 Solid construction from top to bottom for unparalleled ankle protection
 Absolute safety extended to knee and lower back from shocks and vibrations
 Gives you the freedom to jump, spike, and land safely

 May require extra size shoes

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Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

T2 ankle brace is a high tech protection device for covering the ankle bones, the entire ankle zone, hind heel, and the shin. The three piece design allows ample space for leg and foot movement. At the same time, it protects the vital parts on your ankle like the side bones, muscles, frontal plane, and the joint from shocks and vibrations.

Side sleeves on the T2 ankle brace are designed to be soft like cushion and firm like leather. The synthetic material with a strong strap over the ankle offers maximum protection from twists and sprains. Under-heel protection layer absorbs maximum shocks and vibrations from jumping and landing.

It has sufficient strength for protection from spike landing, vertical jump landing and ground impact during random movement. Compact design of T2 ankle brace fits perfectly into your standard volleyball shoes. The material construction can protect your ankle and heel from elastic and non-elastic stress due to the vertical and horizontal foot progression at various angles.

 High tech design for maximum ankle joint flexibility
 Brace construction ensures maximum shock and vibration protection
 Designed to ensure injury protection from dynamic load and stress

 No protection for upper feet muscles and bones

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Protle Adjustable Foot Socks volleyball Ankle Brace

Protle ankle brace gives you the freedom to go out play your natural volleyball while you are still recovering from an ankle injury. It is a multipurpose socks and brace with adequate protection mechanism for your ankle bones and muscles.

Woven fabric with silicone insertions provide warmth, injury protection, vibration resistance, and support for the ankle joint. It allows you to play the defensive blocks, covering, jumping, landing, and sideway foot placements without any risk of sprain or injury. The gel padding provides maximum support to your ankle and distributes the load evenly across your ankle and foot zones.

Hence, your asymmetric movement within the court gets stabilized while playing low squat shots and passes. You get sufficient reaction time to handle fast moving and vertically dropping ball by bending your leg and foot, without putting pressure on your ankle. It is made possible due to the combination of polyamide, spandex and latex materials. Ventilated construction allows optimum air circulation to keep your ankle, foot, and heel from cool and free from sweat. High density silicone gel absorbs maximum shock and vibrations from jumping and landing.

 Multipurpose Brace and socks
 Injury protection and healing construction and materials
 Maximum shock and vibration protection from silicone gel

 No visible cons

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Mcdavid Ankle Brace For Volleyball players

Mcdavid is the next generation ankle brace designed with a firm yet flexible core and six protective straps. The top straps completely cover the ankle and shin with comfortable tightness. The core covers the ankle joint, ankle bones and muscles in the ankle and hind heel. Laced construction allows you to adjust the brace tightness according to your comfort and level of protection required.

Tightening pressure of core and straps around the posterior Tibial can restrict the frontal plane movement of your ankle. They reduce the probability of injury and sprain significantly. Construction of Mcdavid brace core is firm on external surface. Its compression comfort straps and the inner padding provide maximum cushion and comfort.

They absorb all the shocks and vibrations of landing after spike and standing vertical jumps. Support for your hind and mid heel with coverage of the anterior ankle joint prevents the direct exposure of the nerves, tendons and bones to stress and fatigue. You can play all your low squat shots without spraining the ankle and foot.

 Complete protection of ankle, heel, and joints
 Six strap wrap for comfort and flexible foot movement
 Designed and constructed for maximum load and reduced injury risk

 Strap density could cause stiffness in ankle

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Venom Ankle Brace For Players

Venom is the result of innovation in brace design that is slim, firm, comfortable, and injury protection construction. The brace provides maximum coverage from the shin zone up to the middle heel. Wapping tightness is sufficient to protect the ankle muscles and bones from injuries and sprains.

The most prominent feature of venom is the extra dense material around the anterior ankle joint and the hind heel. It can absorb the maximum shocks and vibrations while playing the spike jump and land. It can also prevent the accidental twisting of joint while playing the cross court and dink shots.

The top strap on Venom brace is designed to provide slip free wrapping over the ankle and the shin. It is matched perfectly by the bottom strap at the mid heel. The core has a firm and stable construction. The posterior ankle joint strap allows free foot movement along the vertical line without causing any stress to ankle. Hence, your movement becomes free flowing across the court in all the directions.

 High tech design for ankle and heel protection
 Freedom for flowing foot movement
 Allergen free fabric

 Sweat absorption is not very high

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Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer For Volleyball

Med Spec has a firm and hard design from the upper ankle zones up to the mid heal. Laced design lets you adjust the tightening levels according to your comfort and required protection level. Nylon material construction provides maximum protection from shocks and vibrations. Maximum protection is provided to the front and rear joints and the rear and mid heel.

Compression pressure on the ankle bones and muscles protect them from accidental twists and sprains during rapid movement and shot playing. Top strap of the Med Spec brace wraps firmly around the ankle and shin. It allows free circulation up to the toes. At the same time, it prevents the frontal plane movement of your ankle. It is one factor responsible for avoiding accidental injuries.

Brace tongue is extendable to cover the upper foot bones and muscles, including the front joint. The material is fir, yet flexible. It can allow the free foot movement along the vertical line. At the same time, it protects the joint and bones from court floor impact while landing after jump.

 Designed for maximum comfort and protection from jumps and landing shocks and vibrations
 Fits into your standard volleyball shoes.
 Soft material, yet firm construction for injury protection

 May cause excess sweat when during all day use

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Treat My Feet - Best Copper Infused Compression Ankle Brace

Treat My Feet is a high tech ankle brace which has the elegance needed for a ballet dance. It has the toughness needed for dynamic volleyball shots and defensive moves. It also has the healing factors required for you while recovering from injury.

Compression pressure from the core brace material keeps the ankle bones, hind and front joints, mid and hind heel, and the shin protected. The most significant improvement in design is the ability to allow free foot movement with straight ankle. Material, construction and design are created with a vision for healing your ankle injuries.

The fact that you can play your natural game with an injury shows the medical benefits of Treat My Feet. It also protects your knee and lower back by absorbing all the shocks and vibrations from inversion stress when the other players’ feet or may collide with your ankle.

Frequent jumping and landing can cause internal fatigue on the ankle bones and muscles in spite of wearing ankle brace. Treat My Feet solves this problem with its high compression pressure which can provide massaging effects to eliminate the stress and fatigue.

 High tech medical design for injury protection and healing
 Copper reinforcement for maximum compression pressure
 Best protection from shocks, vibrations, sweat and moisture

 No visible cons

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