volleyball tips for beginners

7 Volleyball Tips For Beginners To Improve Your Game

Ever been in a field trying to get a more chilled place to relax and noticed volleyball players in action?

I’m sure you got interested but at the same time thought it would be tricky to figure out how to play the game.

If so, then you need to read on because we have complied volleyball tips for beginners. Tag along with me.

Is volleyball easy to learn?

Of all questions on sports, starters always want to find out how difficult it is to play the games.

This is because it determines how fast they will learn and eventually get to enjoy playing.

For all of you curious about whether it is easy to learn volleyball, you are in the right place.

Well, volleyball isn’t as easy to learn as it seems. However, it is quite easy in the beginning but gets more challenging as you advance.

For most beginners, the hardest thing is understanding the rules. Some of them also get challenges while executing the allowed techniques during the game.

Generally, learning volleyball shouldn’t be an extreme experience.

However, mastering the skills to enhance your experience will not be a walk in the park.

Therefore, you need to be ready for a tough journey with a fantastic ending.

What are the basics of volleyball?

The basics of football are quite easy to grasp. Once you are familiar with them, the rest of the things will flow.

To start, every volleyball team has six players. Therefore, if you aren’t joining a league or already existing team, you need to find five more people who want to play volleyball.

The team set up is usually two lines, each with three players.

When the game begins, each team is allowed to hit the ball thrice. However, none of the team members should hit the ball twice in a row. This is overruled during blocking.

The players are also not allowed to bounce the ball off another player. This move is illegal.

When you play low on the net, another member of your team can complete the hit. But this one is allowed during volleying.

A ball is in if it bounces off or lands on the boundary line. It is out if it hits the poles or referee stand or the antenna.

On occasions where two players hit the ball at once, either of them can play again but only when that hit is the third by your team.

Blocking and attacking are not allowed inside the ten-foot line at any time of the game.

The players at the front line can always switch positions once the ball is served so they can adapt their preferred positions.

When you get the ball, be sure to say you got it to prevent avoidable collisions which can be hazardous.

What are the six basic skills of volleyball?

All games have the basic skills that beginners must learn.

For volleyball, the basic skills include passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging, and serving.

Passing is a crucial skill. It opens scoring chances for a team.

If you want to be a volleyball pro, then passing a service should be one of your favorite skills.

Serving is another skill that, if taught well, will increases chances of earing the team points.

However, most players overlook it and don’t put much effort to improve it. Blocking is known to be the least coached.

This is because it is barely used while playing. This is the same case for digging. The skill does not receive as much attention as the other skills in volleyball.

Finally, we go to setting. This is an essential skill in the volleyball game as it runs the team’s offence.

If the setter is highly skilled, the team has chances of winning.

7 volleyball tips for beginners

Whether you are a novice or a pro, some tips will help you improve your game.

Here are seven volleyball tips for beginners that will help you play like a professional and have fun at the same time.

  • Know the basic rules

Isn’t this rather obvious? Knowing the rules of the game is crucial because you are aware of what is legal and illegal.

Engage with experienced members so they can correct you when need be.

This way, you will learn all the rules in a short while.

  • Familiarize with volleyball slang

Don’t get confused when you hear your teammates shouting some words during the play.

Ensure that you learn these words so you can understand what you are required to do.

  • Always pass the ball accurately

Remember how you pass the ball determines your chances of earning your team points.

Know who you are passing the ball to and position yourself appropriately to prevent missing your passes.

  • Make powerful hits

What is the point of hitting the ball softly when you want those points?

Strong hits minimize chances of your opponents hitting back; hence you will get your points without a doubt.

  • Be a team player

You will be wrong to think you can take control of a volleyball game solo.

After all, it wouldn’t be played in teams if you’d do it alone.

Always cooperate with the other team members for a good flow of the game.

You need each other to win.

  • Switch positions

While you might be good either at the back or on the net, it is always good to rotate positions.

This is because all the players in the team will have a feel of every position without getting stuck in a specific one.


Instead of getting intimidated when you see the skilled volleyball players doing their thing, get on the court and start learning.

Remember, it does not happen overnight so you have to keep practising so you can get better.

It is a long journey, but eventually, you will get where you want in the game as long as you maintain the passion and commitment.

I am hopeful that this write up has enlightened you with volleyball tips for beginners.

If you exploit all the skills and rules highlighted above, volleyball will be your favorite sport.

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