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5 Best Volleyball Books: For Players and Coaches

Read volleyball books?…

…read about my sport?

But why?

Young players will often have this attitude as they don’t see the value in reading when they could be practicing. But understanding your sport is as important as playing it.

Books can help a player learn new ways to position their body, learn techniques that professionals use, and remind them of the fundamentals they may have long since forgotten.

For anyone interested in the sport of volleyball (coaches, players, or parents) and improving their knowledge and techniques, there are multiple books available to help with;

It truly is worth the investment to read about the stars of volleyball and books that can help you improve your game.

1. The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season is the true story of 17-year-old volleyball player Caroline Found. On August 11, 2011, Caroline Found was tragically killed in a moped accident on her way to visit her terminally ill mother, Ellyn.

Her volleyball team, and her entire community, was devastated by Caroline’s death, and that of her mother. How could they rally back from the loss of their leader?

How could they set themselves up to continue without her? How could they find victory and joy with the pain of such loss?

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2. The Complete Volleyball Handbook

This handbook is a comprehensive guide of how to think about volleyball.

Coaches, players, and parents can benefit from the strategies, skills, and concepts described and illustrated with thorough drawings.

Anyone can learn about the fundamentals of body position, strategies for formations, and how to avoid faults. 

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3. Winning Volleyball for Girls

Create a winning team with this guide.

Learn the history of volleyball and try out the exercises for conditioning and training listed in the book. Winning Volleyball for Girls, Third Edition talks about every single part of the game – from positions and rotations, to scoring and rules.

The 113 full-color photographs, full-color diagrams, new exercises, and drills are designed with the current rules of the game in mind.

It’s a great starter book for new, young players who want to understand what volleyball is all about!

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4. Coach Your Brains Out: Lessons on The Art And Science of Coaching Volleyball

No coach is perfect.

Any coach who wants to be the best can always use some guidance and advice. This book gives awesome advice on how to hone your craft with guest appearances from top coaches and professional players!

Use Coach your Brains Out to improve your technique in developing players to reach their maximum potential.

Coach championship level teams with the knowledge and advice in this fantastic and ultimate book of coaching!

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5. Volleyball Systems & Strategies

Coaches who have a good handle on their players’ strengths and weaknesses can build winning Volleyball Systems & Strategies.

This handbook helps coaches create flawless player execution and outstanding team play.

The bonus DVD helps the entire team prepare offensive and defensive strategies that fit the team’s talents, learn to modify play on the fly, and how to read the defense to create an optimal offense.

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Anyone who wants to reach the top of their game has to take the time to read and learn. There are many things that can be taught on the court, but there is just as much to learn off the court.

Volleyball books can offer alternatives you may not have considered as a coach, or offer an interesting history to the new or younger player.

Whether you are a coach, player, or parent, a guide to volleyball is an indispensable tool in improving your relationship with players, creating new strategies, and learning about the history of the game.

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