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Best Volleyball Shorts For Men and Women In 2020

Let’s first get one thing clear. Volleyball shorts are more important than what most people think.

If you’re a casual player who plays beach volleyball only and doesn’t consider himself a volleyball person, then it’s okay to use any normal shorts.

However, if you’re serious about volleyball or even want to have the full experience that professionals have in the court, proper volleyball shorts are a must-have.

This guide here will help you pick the shorts that are right for you.

Below you’ll find a buying guide that answers common questions about volleyball shorts as well as detailed reviews of the best volleyball shorts for women as well as for men.

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Best Men’s Volleyball Shorts 2020 For Sale

1. ASICS Men's Bomba Top Volleyball Short

ASICS Men’s Bomba Short is made of pure synthetic material. It is flexible yet firm in construction. Short length covers up to your knee from waist.

The fabric yarn’s strong denier with machine woven construction makes the short durable and resistant to rough playing conditions.

The fabric has a high resistance to wear and tear heat, and humidity.

The inseam is tough and protects the fabric from excess stretching. At the same time, it provides flexibility for free movement.

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You can bend, jump, kneel and even bend back without any discomfort while playing. The waistband elastic provides a comfortable and tight fitment.

The compact shape from the waist to the bottom provides maximum comfort and allows free airflow.

The bottom hemming is sufficiently wide for protecting the yarn from wear and tear. Screen printing on the synthetic material is easy and fast.

  • Pure synthetic fabric ensures maximum flexibility and strength
  • Durable construction with machine weaving
  • 9 1/2 seam for free movement
  • Unlined design

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2. Mizuno Elite 9 Men's Euro Cut Shorts

Mizuno Elite is made from a stretchable and strong fabric material. It has a durable construction for extended durability and resistance to rugged usage. It is resistant to heat, humidity, sweat, and tear.

Low fabric density makes the Mizuno Elite short light in weight. That means you can move freely in the court and stretch your muscles while playing and spiking.

It allows you to bend your body in all the four directions without any physical restrictions.

Machine woven construction provides high tensile strength to the short.

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The 8” inseam is relatively shorter. Hence, it provides extra comfort and flexibility to your body while jumping and spiking.

The waistband is denser, stronger, firmer, softer, and protective in construction.

It provides a secure fitment at the waist. It allows free circulation and airflow.

The bottom hemming and the side-lining are firm and protect the fabric from wear and tear.

  • Lightweight and elastic fabric
  • Resistance to sweat and moisture
  • Strong waistband
  • No draw-cord for the waistband

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3. ASICS Men's Team Performance Volleyball Men's Shorts 9

ASSICS Cut short is made from the skin friendly and sweat resistant polyester. It has the property of maximum stretching with high elasticity value.

It can maintain its sturdy construction and remain resistant to wear and tear. It is also soft and comfortable to wear.

The ASSICS Cut short has a thick denier with machine woven construction. The yarn is light in weight.

Hence, the fabric gives you the flexibility of movement, stretching, and smooth angular body rotation. The fabric has high resistance to heat, humidity, tear and stretching.

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The yarn has a unique flex property which restores its original shape after maximum stretching.

Hence, the fitment is always tight after using the short for years. The fabric is free from dirt accumulation. It is easy to wash and maintain.

  • Highly stretchable construction
  • Free movement of legs
  • Colorful and attractive design
  • You can experience a slight pulling sensation at the front

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4. ASICS Men's Player 10 Shorts

The ASCIS 10 short is made of the soft, flexible, and strong polyester yarn with a machine woven construction. The knee length design protects from heat and humidity.

Soft hemming at the bottom keeps the short in good shape without wear and tear.

The nylon tricot lining is designed to provide extra stretching capacity without tearing out or becoming slack. It maintains its firmness without breaking down.

The short rear design has a breathable fabric overlay for allowing free air circulation. It prevents the formation of sweat and protects your skin from irritation and rashes.

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The overall ASCIS 10 short construction provides comfort and allows free movement of thighs and legs.

The bottom hemming has a thick construction and protective border stitching. It prevents the bottom from tangling with the net when an accidental contact happens

The waistband has a durable construction with a highly elastic material. It can provide a firm grip without sliding down from its original position.

  • Firm and flexible fabric construction
  • Hydrological design for enhanced performance and durability
  • Nylon tricot lining for extended elastic property
  • No draw-cord for the waistband

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5. LUWELL PRO Men's 7 Volleyball Shorts

LUWELL short is compact, sleek, strong, stretchable, stylish, and soft. It has high resistance to wear and tear heat, humidity, sweat, and dirt.

It keeps the skin in good condition without causing any sensation of irritation and discomfort.

Genuine and pure polyester fabric is free from tearing and overstretching. It allows free bending, stretching, and lifting of your legs on the volleyball court.

It has a strong and sturdy fabric construction due to machine making. The three-layer waistband is thick, elastic, and tight in construction.

It provides complete fitment onto your waist without the slightest loosening risk.

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The bottom hemming is short but strong. It can protect the fabric from abrasions and over-stretching.

The LUWELL polyester fabric is perfect for screen printing of your team logo and your name. It can retain the printing for many years without absorbing or distorting during cleaning and maintenance.

  • Strong and elastic band
  • Stretchable and strong fabric
  • Stylish and designer construction
  • No draw-cord for the short waistband

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Best Women’s Volleyball Shorts Reviews

1. Baleaf Women's 3 Volleyball Shorts

Baleaf women’s Volleyball Short is a skin-tight wearable with high flexibility, firmness, and softness. Its length allows free movement of your thighs and legs on the court with the ability to stretch and bend.

The blend of polyester and spandex makes the fabric elastic and soft with the firm grip over your body from the waist to the bottom, the short keeps you comfortable and free.

The inner fabric layer is soft and smooth. The extra stretch stretchable inner lining makes it easy to wear the feminine pads whenever required.

The exterior stitched lining from the waist up to the crotch in the front, and the rear side of the short provides a protection layer from tearing.

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It keeps the fabric construction intact while you stretch, jump, and bend. It allows you to play your natural volleyball game without any physical restrictions for movement.

  • The flat and comfortable seam for free movement
  • Stretchable polyester fabric with soft spandex blend
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Bottom hemming width is insufficient

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2. Mizuno Vortex Volleyball Short

The blend of polyester and spandex makes the Mizuno soft, flexible, firm, and skin friendly in construction.

It is relatively long and provides complete protection from the waist to the knees. It has high resistance to dirt, dust, heat, humidity, sweat, and stress.

The flexible fabric material with high denier value is sturdy in design. It allows you to perform all the jumping, spiking, stretching, and bending actions without any risk and discomfort.

The yarn construction ensures the maximum sweat and moisture evaporation.

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The elastic band is highly elastic and optimally tight. The inner spandex layer provides complete cushioning and softness to your skin and body.

Extra stretchable construction near the crotch region provides sufficient room for feminine pad fitment.

  • Stretchable inseam for free movement
    Colorful range
    Strong, flexible, and durable fabric
  • No visible cons

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3. Adidas Women's Volleyball 4 Shorts

Adidas women’s volleyball short is made of the polyester and elastane blend. It is soft, elastic, smooth and yet firm in construction.

It is specifically designed for allowing maximum linear and angular physical movement.

The waistband is compact, skintight and yet comfortable. It provides perfect fitment with free flow and air circulation.

Hence, the crotch and thighs remain free from sweat and moisture. You won’t feel the sense of irritation and discomfort while playing.

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The inseam is short and elastic. It allows you to jump, and stretch your legs freely while spiking. You can also stretch your legs wide and bend while playing the pass-shots.

The stretchable crotch area fabric is also firm in construction. It will allow you to wear the feminine pads and keep it tight without sliding off. Hence, you can play your natural game during the menstrual cycles without any hesitation.

  • Soft and stretchable construction
  • The smooth interior fabric layer
  • Durable construction
  • You may feel short of length if you are extra tall

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4. Nike Performance Women's 3.75 Game Shorts

Nike Women’s volleyball short is designed with highly protective inseam gusset at the crotch region for extra comfort and softness.

It avoids the probability of skin irritation, rashes, and abrasion while playing. Moreover, it enables you to play your natural game freely.

The blend of polyester and Spandex provides flexibility with a touch of fabric firmness. It keeps your waist stiff while keeping the spine straight.

At the same time, it allows you to make free movements and bends without any restrictions.

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The waistband is flexible enough to stretch while bending in all the directions. It is also firm enough to protect it from sudden twists and turns that may result in a sprain.

The waistband provides perfect fitment with the excellent snug fitment. The bottom hemming is strong and stretchable. The spandex fabric provides snug fitting while polyester provides firmness.

  • Firm and soft fitment on the waist and the bottom
  • Strong and stretchable construction
  • Lined inseam for protection and space for feminine pads
  • You may find the length short if you are tall

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5. ASICS Women's Baseline Volleyball Short

The ASICS Women’s Baseline Vb Short could be your choice for comfort, protection, fitment, flexibility, and firmness.

The blend of Nylon and spandex makes the short strong and stretchable to the maximum limits.

The short provides snug fitment from the waist to the bottom. The interconnected seams along the length and width of the short make the fabric flow along your body movement.

You can play your game freely without any restrictions. The waistband is highly elastic. It can fit onto your waist perfectly and stay there while you stretch and bend.

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The inner layer of the fabric provides a smooth and soft experience.

The exterior is constructed to be resistant to heat, humidity, and abrasion. The crotch gusset protects from skin irritation and rashes.

It can also accommodate the feminine pads with secure protection.

  • Four inches inseam for free movement
  • Nylon and Spandex blend for strength, flexibility, and stability
  • Flat seam stitch for waist firmness and straight back
  • No visible cons

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How To Choose The Best Volleyball Shorts For You

The parameters you need to consider while selecting the volleyball shorts are the fabric yarn, size, the material, fitment, flexibility, resistance factors, inner lining, and the customization options for printing.

In this buying guide, we introduce you to some of the essential tips and tricks which will help you select the best volleyball shorts for your needs.

Fabric Material

The fabric yarn plays a vital role in the selection. It should be skin-friendly and flexible. However, it should also be firm and not stretch to the point of yarn damages.

For Men’s Shorts:

Recommended materials for men’s volleyball shorts are polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fabric yarn. It should be resistant to wear and tear, water, humidity, and heat. Machine woven fabrics will have a better tensile strength and higher density.

For Women’s Shorts:

Recommended materials for the Women’s shorts are polyester, spandex and nylon. The preferred blending could be a higher percentage of Polyester or nylon with a lower percentage of spandex.

Polyester and nylon provide flexibility, strength, and resistance factors. Spandex provides cushioning and freedom from irritation.

It is also stretchable and accommodates the wearing of the feminine pads whenever required. Spandex as the inner lining fabric layer also provides warmth during winter and absorbs sweat during summer. Machine woven fabrics are durable, strong, and easy to wash and maintain.


  • Volleyball Men’s Shorts: The standard length of men’s volleyball shorts is up to the knee. The waist size may vary for YM (212-22) to 3XL (47-50).
  • Volleyball Women’s Shorts: The standard length is from the waist to the mid thighs. The other recommended length is high-cut-bun-hugger. The waist sizes vary from XX-small, X-small, small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large. Fitment should be snug and secure from the waist to the knees.


Hemming at the bottom can provide better fitment and comfort. The humming could be a single needle for thick fabrics and double needle for lighter fabrics. It is the layer which keeps the fabric from tearing and over-stretching.


It is the fabric lining from the crotch region to the bottom, passing along the inner side of the leg. It is a unisex feature for men’s and women’s shorts.

The standard length of Inseam for women’s volleyball shorts should be between 2 and 4 inches.

For men, it should be between 5 and 7 inches. The inseam provides proper fitment, softness and free movement of legs. The shorts don’t get entangled with the net while playing near to it.


  • Men’s Shorts: men’s shorts preferably should have an elastic waistband with a firm draw-cord which is within the waistband interior. They allow you to adjust the fitment and tightness according to your convenience.
  • Women’s Shorts: The standard women’s shorts will have only the waistband. It should have a flat seam with excellent finishing. It should be elastic for flexibility, and it should be tight enough to provide a snug fitting.


The fabric should allow screen printing options for the logo of your team and your name on it. Sometimes it may not be possible to print due to the surface finishing type. Then you may have to get the logo and name embroidered.

Also, if you need any shoes that can go with these shorts, check our volleyball shoes guide.

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